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This blog has a lot of good information about and images of Harmony Ball Necklace pendants, also called Bola Necklace or Angel Caller, as well as some excellent articles

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Bola (pregnancy bell) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Harmony ball)

A Bola is a bell worn by women on a long necklace during their pregnancy.[1] It is traditionally used in Mexico and Bali and is know under other names, such as harmony ball and pregnancy bell. The ball hangs low on the abdomen so the gentle chime soothes the baby as mother moves. When the baby is born, the baby is believed to be extra soothed by the sound because the child associates it with its time in the womb.

References: O'Shannessy, Mike. "What is a Harmony Ball?"

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Alternative names for a Harmony Ball include Angel Caller ... Bola ... Chime Ball Necklace ... Bola Necklace ... Pregnancy Necklace ... Pregnancy Gift

Harmony Balls are not exclusively worn by women who are pregant and make wonderful Gift Ideas for special occasions including excellent Mother's Day Australia Gift Ideas