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BIRTHSTONE Harmony Necklaces

Harmony Ball Necklace, Bola Necklace, Angel Caller and Harmony Ball Pendant designs in this 'Birthstone Collection' have Gemstones listed as Birthstones for each month. These Harmony Balls are genuine 925 Sterling Silver and the Gemstones are Genuine with the range covering Birthstones for every month of the year.

Wearing a Harmony Ball Necklace brings the wearer a sense of calm and harmony and it is especially so if the harmony ball necklace pendant includes your Birthstone.

Wearing the Birthstone Harmony Ball Necklace When Pregnant

In addition to being unique and impressive jewelry pieces they make wonderful Pregnancy Gifts or Baby Shower Gifts for the mother-to-be.If you are wearing the harmony ball necklace when pregnant then the significance of the Birthstone can be for either of the due month of the baby or your own month of birth. Many 'Mums to be' will choose to wear the harmony ball necklace with the Birthstone for the month their baby is due to be born, making the harmony ball even more special. For more information on the advantages of wearing a Harmony Ball Necklace when pregnant please read this article "Harmony Ball Meaning"

Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Balls